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Primitive Reflexes - Oral Reflex

Posted on April 29, 2016 at 7:30 AM

Oral (rooting, sucking, chewing, swallowing) Reflex An active oral Reflex generally results in immature responses to touch around he mouth. Often the infant experiences difficulty when solid foods are introduced An active sucking reflex prevents the tongue from developing the necessary set of movements necessary for swallowing. The tongue may also remain to far forward in the mouth to allow effective chewing. The child may also fail to develop adequate control of the muscles at the front of the mouth, resulting in drooling. The most common challenges related to active Oral Reflexes influence swallowing, feeding, speech, articulation and handwriting. The grasping reflex (develops in utero) is connected to the Oral reflex.

A nonintegrated Oral Reflex may present in childhood or later in life as:

Problems with handwriting/feeding

Speech difficulties

Addictions Mouth sensitivity

Swallowing difficulties


Chewing problems



What can be done to integrate/close/inhibit the Oral Reflex?

With someone trained and working in safe, trusting environment a protocol of activation, re-patterning through physical cross mid-line purposeful movement will inhibit or begin progress on closing the reflex. This may take one or more sessions dependent upon the degree of non-inhibited activation of the reflex. The beauty of reflex integration is the WORK is done through PLAY!

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