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Primitive Reflexes-Palmar Reflex

Posted on April 8, 2016 at 10:25 AM

Palmar Reflex is a grasping reflex. It is activated when a finger or object is placed in a baby’s hand. This causes the fingers to close. There can be lasting negative effects upon fine muscle coordination, speech and articulation if this remains active. The Palmar Reflex usually integrated around 9 month.

When the Palmar Reflex remains active a child often has difficulty with manual dexterity, manipulative activities and speech. Such activities as learning to tie shoes, buttoning clothes, using scissors, and using fork/knife/spoon can be very challenging. Handwriting will be difficult as well because of inability to grip the pencil properly.

A nonintegrated Palmar Reflex may present in childhood or later in life as:

Speech problems

Handwriting challenges

Manual dexterity problems

Mouth / Tongue movements

Sensitive palm

Poor grip What can be done to integrate/close/inhibit the Palmar Reflex?

With someone trained and working in safe, trusting environment a protocol of activation, re-patterning through physical cross mid-line purposeful movement will inhibit or begin progress on closing the reflex. This may take one or more sessions dependent upon the degree of non-inhibited activation of the reflex. The beauty of reflex integration is the WORK is done through PLAY!

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