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Primitive Reflexes-Moro Reflex

Posted on April 6, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Moro Reflex is a survival (“fight or flight” “startle”) response in which the infant reacts to external stimuli by suddenly throwing the upper body backwards. The stimulus causes the child to feel that he or she is falling. If it remains active beyond six months of age, the child usually exhibits hypersensitivities to: noise light, sudden movement, smell, touch, taste and temperature. Children with an active Moro find it very difficult to focus, listen, track their eyes, balance easily, and interact with others. They also often have health challenges, such as asthma and allergies. The child with an active Moro will find almost everything too loud, bright and harsh.

A nonintegrated Fear Paralysis Reflex may present in childhood or later in life as:


Sensitivity to sound

Poor stamina

Poor balance

Sensitivity to light


Motion sickness

Sensitivity to smell

Weak immune system

What can be done to integrate/close/inhibit the Moro Reflex?

With someone trained and working in safe, trusting environment a protocol of activation, re-patterning through physical cross mid-line purposeful movement will inhibit or begin progress on closing the reflex. This may take one or more sessions dependent upon the degree of non-inhibited activation of the reflex. The beauty of reflex integration is the WORK is done through PLAY!

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