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Primitive Reflexes - Bonding Reflex

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 5:30 PM

Bonding Reflex

Bonding between mother and infant must be established immediately after birth. This is a critical period and will impact the physical health(for life) of the infant. The process unlocks a cascade of functions, one of which helps assure successful adaptation to the environment. Bonding completes the reticular (sensory pathways and project to higher centers; they control the overall degree of central nervous system activity, including wakefulness, attentiveness, and sleep) of the brain allowing for coordination of sensory information. If not complete adrenal overload and shock can result. Adrenal overload can negatively impact future development. (When adrenaline is released the byproduct cortisol if formed. Cortisol inhibits memory) Lack of bonding leads to impaired muscular movement, short circuits sensory intake, and can be responsible for a variety of emotional disturbances as well as learning deficits.

Infant/mother bonding stimulates heart intelligence for both mother and infant. The importance of this is that no matter what happens later in life, the security established during the bonding helps the person to cope. A bonded person will remain at peace(mostly) in a world of movement and change. Initial bonding from mother to infant leads to successful bonding from infant to family, family to society and male to female/female to male.

A nonintegrated Bonding Reflex may present in childhood or later in life as:



Attachment disorder

Sensory challenges

Relationship difficulty

Learning challenges

Attachment to material objects

Addictive behavior


Sleep disorders

Eating disorders

What can be done to integrate/close/inhibit the Bonding Reflex?

With someone trained and working in safe, trusting environment a protocol of activation, re-patterning through physical cross mid-line purposeful movement will inhibit or begin progress on closing the reflex. This may take one or more sessions dependent upon the degree of non-inhibited activation of the reflex.

The beauty of reflex integration is the WORK is done through PLAY!

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